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19 Mar 2014

Do this two to three times a week. For the next two weeks, perform a 15-minute workout. Place the AMT in manual and set it to a level-five resistance. Climb for four minutes, do short strides for six minutes and then long strides for five minutes.

aWeare all very excited to be here,a Gonzalez said before the Dodgersa workout. aWeall have a few hits, see how the ball carries, but it all looks like a real ball park.a Vin Scully, the 86-year-old Dodgersa announcer, proclaimed after he got off the plane that aitas great to be here,a and Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and his Diamondbacks counterpart Kirk Gibson later gave the ball field a similar thumbs-up. aNo question, everyone is saying that having a chance to start the season here in Sydney, to be able to get out of spring training a bit early, itas great,a said Mattingly. aLetas get this thing started.a Gibson said he had fond memories of Australia because he spent his honeymoon here in 1985 aand that part worked out pretty Max Workouts good, so I hope this does.a aOf all the historic places weave played over the years, you walk in and you can see theyave put a lot of work into the field,a Gibson added. aAnd Iave been told by (Diamondbacksa Australian relief pitcher) Ryan Rowland-Smith, itas fair dinkum.a Translated, that means he thinks itas a pretty good place to play baseball.

Your Workouts Reviewed: The MASS Builder

Cons: I'm not a huge fan of programming squats and deadlifts in the same day. Plus you're performing them for five sets of fairly low reps. Plus your doing them twice per week. Plus you have additional squat and deadlift variations in there as well. I'm no mathematician, but that seems like it would add up to a ton of lower back pain.


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