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08 Oct 2013

site "Rhabdomyolysis isn't a common condition, yet it's so commonly encountered in CrossFit that they have a cartoon about it, nonchalantly casting humor on something that should never happen," writes Eric Robertson, an assistant professor of physical therapy at Regis University, for The Huffington Post. "Under extreme conditions your muscle cells explode. They die. They leach protein out into the blood stream, including one form called myoglobin ... This can produce injury or death to all or part of the kidney in a short amount of time, and is potentially lethal." Rhabdo is rare overall, but occurs more often in CrossFit Just how rare is rhabdo? One study found that the overall annual incidence of the condition among athletes and people that exercise is a mere 0.06 percent, which is exceptionally low. This percentage is far higher for CrossFit, however, as the workout routine appears to be uniquely prone to causing muscle damage, a fact that CrossFit founder Greg Glassman openly admits.

That doesn't mean that you're not burning more calories at your hot cycling class than you would be at a normal onebut more research is needed to determine if the extra calories you burn because of the heat make up for the lower intensity at which you're exercising because of it, says Porcari. Rev Your Metabolism in 8 Minutes But Is it Safe? Porcari's research shows that doing yoga in a room that's 90 to 95 degrees and has a humidity level between 35 to 40 percent is safeso long as you stay properly hydrated while doing it. But what about workouts done at a higher temperatureor ones that are focused on cardio? Porcari recommends proceeding with caution: If your core temperature gets too high, you could suffer from heat strokeand your core temperature is automatically going to be much higher when you're doing cardio than when you're doing yoga. "When you start doing cardio exercisecycling, runningyou're generating so much body heat because it's just higher-intensity exercise," says Porcari.

High Intensity Tabata-Style Workouts Are Effective for Cardio Training, Study Finds

After a three-run first inning in Game 1, the Tigers are 10-for-58 (.172) with no extra-base hits and 16 strikeouts. "I'm going to play Peralta tomorrow," Leyland said Sunday, "maybe to try to get another extra base a bat in the lineup, because we've got to try to score some runs, obviously." Peralta will be playing in his first game at Comerica Park following his 50-game suspension due to his involvement in the Biogenesis investigation. In his only at-bat of the postseason, Peralta pinch-hit in the ninth inning during Game 1, and hit a flyout to right. Peralta made three starts in the final regular-season series against the Marlins, going 3-for-12 with a double and an RBI. Those three games are also the shortstop-turned-left fielder's only defensive game experience in the outfield.

Fall workouts

Fitness expert Jodi Stern of Pilates Plus discussed some tips for a great fall workout Tuesday on News 8 at Sunrise. Stern said it's a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors and get a healthy boost. She recommended layering clothing so that you can those layersoff as you warm up. As the ground firms up, she also said it's important to adjust your workout so your body doesn't feel added stress. For more of our conversation, click the video link. For more information on Pilates Plus, cl ick here . Copyright 2013 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc.

6 ways to workout as a family

If you are aiming higher to get in your dream shape, avoid shortcuts! Short cuts like taking diet pills, starvation, going heavy on workouts and giving up too early. Always treat your body like a temple! Eat clean and healthy food that it deserves- diet low in fat! Indulging in a physical activity to improve your metabolism, digestion, and finally fat burning. Working in chunks will not help you. You need a full workout program that has nutrition guide, workouts to improve your health while aiding fat burning with a leader!

5 Tips For Successful Fall and Winter Workouts

They called it a "mini-adventure through flower-filled meadows" and "a great way to introduce kids to the beauty of the high country." Whether you're trekking in snow-capped mountains or at your local state park, it's hard to beat the call of the wild -- even if you're doing it with a Baby Bjorn. Speaking of which, if you're hiking with small children, you'll need an aluminum-framed baby backpack; look for one with a sun visor, water bottle pocket and a design that allows you to set the pack down with the child still sitting inside. Bring a bandana that you can soak in water for quick cool downs, plus some dried fruit to nosh on. (It's the single best snack to bring on hikes, because it won't melt or turn to dust if someone accidentally crushes the pack with his hiking boot.) upwave: How to hike with a baby Strike a pose. If the wilds aren't for you, stay inside and stretch. Family yoga is huge now -- and that means your options are, too.

The base layer should be one that pulls sweat away from your skin while trapping air in. The middle layer provides insulation, and the outer layer allows moisture to escape. Learn more about each layer here . Join A Recreational Center Joining a gym doesnt mean you have to spend hours alone on a treadmill or an elliptical. You can bring the outdoor workouts indoors, whether you want to do it alone or with someone. Join a class.

Depending on level of intensity, yes it can, according to a recent study of Tabata-style workouts commissioned by American Council on Exercise (ACE). In the new independent study, researchers tested the intensity and calorie burn of these interval training workouts, which originated with the Japanese Olympic speed skating team and have grown increasingly popular among the public. An effective cardiovascular and muscular-conditioning program can be accomplished in a short period of time, but only if the level of intensity is extremely high, said ACE Chief Science Officer Dr. Cedric Bryant. The good news is those who are relatively fit but pressed for time can use a Tabata-type program to squeeze in a workout without spending hours in the gym. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosses Department of Exercise and Sport Science research team used a modified Tabata protocol to create its own 20-minute, full-body workout consisting of push-ups, split squats, box jumps, burpees, jumping rope, jumping jacks and the like.


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