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06 Oct 2013

That doesn't mean that you're not burning more calories at your hot cycling class than you would be at a normal onebut more research is needed to determine if the extra calories you burn because of the heat make up for the lower intensity at which you're exercising because of it, says Porcari. Rev Your Metabolism in 8 Minutes But Is it Maxworkout Safe? Porcari's research shows that doing yoga in a room that's 90 to 95 degrees and has a humidity level between 35 to 40 percent is safeso long as you stay properly hydrated while doing it. But what about workouts done at a higher temperatureor ones that are focused on cardio? Porcari recommends proceeding with caution: If your core temperature gets too high, you could suffer from heat strokeand your core temperature is automatically going to be much higher when you're doing cardio than when you're doing yoga.

Popular CrossFit workouts linked to disturbingly high rates of rhabdomyolysis, muscle cell 'explosion'

It often occurs when athletes over-exert themselves in the gym, performing an inordinate amount of repetitions at oftentimes unaccustomed weight levels for longer-than-normal periods of time -- basically all the standard protocols for CrossFit. And many CrossFitters, especially those that are new to the program, do not fully understand how these routines affect their bodies, or even how to distinguish between healthy muscle exertion and unhealthy muscle exhaustion. This lack of knowledge combined with the pressures of achieving rapid results is often how rhabdo ends up manifesting, at least in the CrossFit setting. While performing their workouts in the high-heat, high-humidity environment of "the box" -- this is the name commonly attributed to the workout room of a typical CrossFit facility -- some athletes burn out their muscles so badly that muscle tissue actually degenerates and enters the bloodstream.

Fad diets and trendy workouts: what works?

Don Franks, a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine : "The more work you do, the more calories you burn." Avoid hot yoga if you have hypertension or heart disease since it can spike blood pressure. If you want to try it: Stick with power yoga or aerobics for more effective fat-burning. But if you test out hot yoga, drink up: Bikram masters recommend an extra 64 to 80 ounces of water per day. Power of protein Which type of yoga is best for you? Acupuncture How it works: This ancient practice has found new life as part of some slimming strategies.

15 Quick Workouts for Halloween

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