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21 Sep 2013

Our data is more accurate than any survey, helping fitness players better hone in on what's needed to help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle." Facilities use the open API to incorporate real-world Preva exerciser data into their offerings. With development, they can review hold Preva achievement badge contests, where top earners are highlighted on Facebook or Twitter. They can create a "calories burned tracker" for their website and hold metrics-driven contests such as "distance traveled" programs to encourage longer, more productive workouts in the gym. Mobile app and other online health services, such as those tracking activities like running or cycling, nutrition and other wellness criteria, can sync Preva exerciser data with their own solutions to improve the accuracy, applicability and value of their quantified self services. Precor is the only networked fitness provider to offer an API to anyone without registration.

However, they are completely different physiques. Figure athletes train for muscle definition and symmetry while bodybuilders train for muscular size and shape. Figure requires small, well defined legs as opposed to the large, over-developed leg muscles in bodybuilding. With their broad shoulders and tiny waists, figure athletes have Y-shaped physiques while bodybuilders have X-shaped physiques. However, fitness to the three times fitness figure champ means performing daily activities more efficiently. Fitness is about balance and function, having the agility to carry a load of laundry up the stairs, the upper body strength to carry your child on your arm or carry multiple bags of groceries effortlessly and the ability to walk briskly through the airport to catch a connecting flight, said Omolewu.


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